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1943 GPW Glenmont, OH $36,995

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“It has “All Matching” serial numbers, (approximately only 1% of collectible WWII Jeeps have all matching serial numbers). The serial number 141204 is located on the frame. The engine and the data plate found on the tub. Mfg. at the Louisville, KY plant the summer of 1943 and delivered to the U.S. Government on September, 1st 1943. The original WWII engine, frame and WWII tub are all Ford manufactured. Later in 1943 the Jeep tubs (both Ford and Willy’s) were outsourced to AMC (American Motor Company) making this tub one of the very last GPWs issued with a genuine Ford built tub!

This jeep has had a frame off restoration and is comprised of 95% original parts. It has a clear and current title.

Original 6 volt system, Original tire pump, Complete tool kit and
New Reproduction wheel jack.

Jeep was restored by David Welch, former president of the MVPA, and owner of Ramshorn Creek Restorations who completed the restoration, inspection, and testing. New original wiring harness by Maine Harness, all new working gauges, etc. Also has correct combat split rims and new 15″ period military Firestone tires!

Additional accessories include-
– A resin replica non-firing .50cal M2 Browning machine gun.
– Correct canvas top and seats by Beechwood Canvas for cold wet weather.
– Correct M31C pedestal mount with fork head cradle.
– U.S. WWII full Size (repro) Infantry Shovel. (An original shovel also goes with Jeep)
– U.S. WWII full Size (repro) Infantry Axe.(An original axe also goes with Jeep)
– Original U.S. 1940’s Era brass fire extinguisher mounted driver side.
– Original U.S. WWII dated water can.
– Garand/Thompson rifle rack on inside of windshield w/Thompson replica
– M1A1 rifle included”


3 Comments on “1943 GPW Glenmont, OH $36,995

  1. Joey G

    Considering the Willys MB never had matching engine and frame/tub numbers, is it an accurate statement that approximately only 1% of collectible WWII Jeeps have all matching serial numbers?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    That’s a good question and one I hadn’t considered. I suppose it comes down to how many GPWs have their original parts. Working off the 640,000 MBs and GPWs produced (one could up that based on the prototypes also), 1% would be 6400 jeeps. Those would all need to be GPWs. So, the question is, are their 6400 GPWs with all matching numbers (or 128 GPWs with matching numbers in every state)? It’s possible that this database could give a sense of whether that’s the case or not. However, given there are only 6600 jeeps total on the G503 database, my guess is that there are actually less than 1% of the jeeps that have all matching numbers… Anyone else have insights into this?

  3. Jeff Mello

    Did Ford always take the engines off the shelf and stamp them in the same order that the chassis were going down the line? I have read before that the didn’t necessarily leave the line with matching engine numbers. I own an example of that possibility I have sort of similar? numbers on my GPW. Frame and dash match @ 12242 (the frame is hard to read it could be 12245 but I think its a 2) Engine block high on the pass side is hand stamped GPWI22746 then there is a raised cast number on the block lower pass side that is GPW6015
    Any info would be helpful.

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