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1944 Photos and Article Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

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UPDATE: here’s another version of the Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., Rough Rider jeep press photo that is now on eBay:

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1944-01-18-theodore-roosevelt-jr-rough-rider-jeep-photo1 1944-01-18-theodore-roosevelt-jr-rough-rider-jeep-photo3 1944-01-18-theodore-roosevelt-jr-rough-rider-jeep-photo2


Originally Published June 26, 2016: This 1943 article shares news about Theodore Roosevelt Jr. and his jeep “Rough Rider”. A year after this article, at age 56, Roosevelt became the oldest service member to land on D-Day, winning the Medal of Honor for his efforts. He was later portrayed by Henry Fonda in the Longest Day. It is also claimed that Roosevelt was a part of the only father-son duo to land on D-Day, as his son Quentin II landed on June 6th also. Here’s a synopsis of his life. He died from a heart attack a few months after D-Day.


Here is a photo from an eBay listing:
“This is an original press photo. Brig. Gen. Theodore Roosevelt, son of the famous “Rough Rider” rests on the bumper of his jeep, dubbed “Rough Rider,” and reads his mail. Brig. Gen. Roosevelt is director of Liaison to the Cef.Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75inches. Photo is dated 1-18-1944.”



This is from the First Division Museum:


Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. and his “Rough Rider” jeep in Italy, January 1944. This former commander of the 26th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, was one of the most popular generals in the storied history of the Big Red One.

This one was floating around Pinterest:


According to this website, this photo was the last one of Roosevelt and his jeep:


In February of 1944 the Pittsburgh Press reported that Roosevelt’s Jeep was shot out from under him.



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  1. Lester Senn

    The general had apparently more than one jeep named Rough Rider. In the pictures of him sitting on the front bumper, the lettering of Rough Rider is a different style than the last two pictures. Also in the first pictures there is a siren on the drivers side fender behind the blackout light. In the last two pictures the siren is a different style and is mounted on the passenger side fender. JFYI

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