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Jeep Victims of the California Wildfires

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Jerry shared these images from the California wildfires showing burnt jeeps.

2020-09-california-wildfires-burnt-jeeps3 The proportions of this jeep seem off to me? The front clip looks lengthened. Maybe it’s the lens used to take the pics?

2020-09-california-wildfires-burnt-jeeps2 1951 Jeepster. The melted substance oozing out of the headlight is reminiscent of the melting clocks painted by Salvador Dali (he painted a lot of melted time pieces).

2020-09-california-wildfires-burnt-jeeps1 Look like a CJ-5 and an M-38 (or a Flattie with a replacement body).


7 Comments on “Jeep Victims of the California Wildfires

  1. John

    There is a old truck in the background of the bottom photo also that is sad to see gone too. Hate seeing any old vehicles destroyed.

  2. Dave C

    We evacuated for the CZU Fire and had to leave the GPWs behind. Were fortunate to return to an undamaged house, but others in our community were not as lucky. Much of the San Lorenzo Valley is gone.
    Dave C in Scotts Valley

  3. Gerald Huber

    So sad to see these photos and realize the loss that people are experiencing in these fires. The loss of the Jeeps and Willys vehicles is so unfortunate. Hard not to become angry when we learn that some of the fires have been intentionally set.

  4. David Eilers Post author


    I’m glad to hear you and the jeeps survived. I lived in Aptos for three years and worked in Scotts Valley at the old Borland building, so I”m familiar with the area. That area was pretty dry when I was there between 2003-2006. I can’t say I’m too surprised it would be tinder for a fire. Sad for sure.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Jerry, several arsonists have been caught:
    1) Here’s one genius:
    2) and a second:
    3) another one:
    4) and another one:
    5) and another one:
    6) and another one:
    7) this guy from July:

  6. Dave C

    Dave, I remember you sharing with me that you worked at Borland. That’s why I thought you’d remember SLV and the towns of Felton, Ben Lomond and Boulder Creek. The later took the brunt of the fire as it came right down to Hwy 9 and burned up the Big Basin park headquarters.
    Dave C

  7. David Eilers Post author


    Ah yes … Big Basin Park … I was married in a burned out tree in Big Basin (wife #2, a brief marriage). Now there’s a story. Hopefully, Big Basin survived pretty well. There are a number of trees there that have survived fires in the past.

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