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Willys-Overland Equipment Book

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On Friday I received a Willys-Overland Equipment Book binder that I won on eBay. The book contained a few surprises, such as a 4-page Monroe brochure and a number of early Newgren brochures that rarely hit eBay. The main part of the binder, a collection of 1947 equipment brochures, appears to be as complete as I’ve seen. In addition, at the back of the book, are second-supplement 10-1-1949 brochures that are either updated versions or new brochures. It is so packed with brochures that I will need to remove some to make sure none get damaged. I ended up pay $128.50 and that proved to be a good value.

The biggest surprise was the inclusion of a note from the seller, Nancy, mentioning how this booklet came from her father. The note was thoughtful enough that I reached out to learn more about him.


I learned that Richard H. Malone was from Westport Island, Maine. He received his bachelors at the University of Pennsylvania, then served in Vietnam. After the war, he raced cars and motorcycles. He and his wife were so passionate about motorcycles that they owned Honda dealerships in Brunswick and in Portland, Maine. They were also both passionate about jeeps, owning jeeps from Willys to modern jeeps and all models in-between. Before her death, Nancy’s mother sold a “panel-sided” jeep, which I’d guess was a Willys Delivery Sedan, under the condition that the new owner had to have a garage for it! Nancy still has her mother’s 2001 Grand Cherokee.

So, as the temporary custodian for this binder, I’ll add a note to it about it belonging to Richard H. Malone, as he deserves credit for preserving this history for us.

A few pics from the book:

special-equipment-book-willys-overland0 special-equipment-book-willys-overland2

special-equipment-book-willys-overland3 special-equipment-book-willys-overland4 special-equipment-book-willys-overland5 special-equipment-book-willys-overland6

Over the coming weeks I’ll share brochures from this binder and, hopefully, we can see how some of the brochures changed from their original design, to supplement one and supplement two (if there were any changes).


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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Dan, there was nothing on the Parkway Conversion that I saw, but I’ve only done a cursory look. I think I have those brochures already posted anyway. But, I’ll keep an eye out for them.

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