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UPDATE: Clifford F-head Headers

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UPDATE: Thanks Scott for the heads up on this one. These Clifford headers have proven popular enough that Larry from Clifford Performance is doing another run of headers. Contact him via the website if you are interested. :



28 Comments on “UPDATE: Clifford F-head Headers

  1. Micah

    I’m not sure if they are still doing them, but, last year, I bought a set of headers and a performance reground camshaft for my L134 from Clifford Performance. I don’t see the headers on their current site but you may be able to get them to do a batch if your deal falls through.

    I haven’t installed them yet. So, I cant give any feedback.

  2. david sapp

    have them on my 62 cj6…they also reground a custom camshaft for my f-head. This is old news. Clifford, good folks…just bought intake, carb, and headers from them for my 53 gmc suburban. Call them!

  3. Allen Fabre

    I may be interested as I’m close to working on the engine part of the rebuild. Is this bolt on and go and what advantages will I get from this beside looking pretty damn good.

  4. SteveK

    Something doesn’t look right with the number 4 tube size at block. Realistically, without a cam/header/carb combo, I just can’t imagine the impact under 4000 RPM as “significant”… besides as said “looks really cool”, and may sound different too. Some actual “performance specs” would be interesting to see range of impact over stock.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    It is in fact Clifford performance that is willing to do this. They had sold out of them, but they were willing to do a special limited production run if there was enough interest. And, it looks like there is interest from the comments below (though no guarantees this will happen). This likely wouldn’t be until March at the earliest, so there would be time for planning for it. I do not have a cost estimate yet.

    – Dave

  6. david sapp

    years ago, there was a story on the cj3b page about the significant performance improvement on a cj3b in the Colorado mountains with the headers, weber carb, and ignition upgrade. good read.

  7. David Eilers Post author

    FYI: I’ve updated the post with the news that Clifford has decided to move forward with the manufacture another round of f-head headers. I was told to check back in March. No details on the number that will be available, how much they will cost, etc.

    Here’s the link David Sapp mentioned:

  8. Dave Case

    I put one of these on my M38A1. I had it sandblasted and painted with VHT high temp paint.
    I had the local muffler shop install new 2-1/4 exhaust pipe and flomaster muffler. The header fit perfectly with only a slight dimple where it went by the spring shackle. Much improved top end. The zero to 50 time is noticeably faster than with the stock exhaust manifold.
    Sorry I didn’t do before and after times. I would recommend the Clifford header to anyone that wants a small boost in power.
    Plus it’s cool

  9. David Eilers Post author

    JoeB … I’d contact him and ask. He might be more interested given the interest with the f-head header.

  10. Scottie Ward

    I recently purchased one and just received it. Quality look great. Color is black not the color as shown in the pic.

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