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October 1976 Article on Jeeps made by Volkswagen

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Scott directed me to an article in the October 1976 issue of South Africa’s CAR Magazine. It highlighted the jeeps that Volkswagen, having secured a license from AMC, was building in South Africa. Below is a copy from the article.  CAR Magazine still exists; you can find it on Facebook and on the Web.

1976-10-carmagazine-southafrica-vw-jeep1 1976-10-carmagazine-southafrica-vw-jeep2 1976-10-carmagazine-southafrica-vw-jeep3 1976-10-carmagazine-southafrica-vw-jeep4


5 Comments on “October 1976 Article on Jeeps made by Volkswagen

  1. Mike

    My Uncle Joe worked as a technical writer for Volkswagen east coast corporate headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. I remember him telling me about VW building Jeeps. At the time, I thought this was a stretch of the imagination story. I guess UNC was right after all. Part of this long winded story was the VW THING, as a challenge to the leadership of AMC Jeep in the off road market segment. Somewhere hidden in legal licensing agreements, VW was prevented from building a 4 wheel drive vehicle in the states, so they settled for the THING, not a real challenge to the Jeep after all.

  2. Maury

    Mike, your info about the VW Thing and the Jeep CJ is fascinating…..especially given that the Thing was developed based on the design of the Kubelwagen used by the German forces in WWII…..and the CJ-5 was a direct ancestor of the WWII Jeep (Willys MB / Ford GPW) used by the Allied forces.

  3. riaan

    hi there. very interesting. does any one has engine specs for those jeeps like timing settings and carburettor jet sizes or know where i can get more information on that

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