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1943 Photo of Attu Island Signs & Jeep on eBay

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I imagine the dancing and the beer would have been popular, but I’m less sure about the hardtack?

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“1943 Press Photo Attu Island, World War II. This is an original press photo. Attu Island. This sign on Attu Island points out the Japanese capital is closer to the strategic island than is San Francisco. Jeep riders also are warned that this is their last chance for “Dancing beer and hardtack”. This is one of the first pictures of the rugged island since the days when American forces wiped out the Japanese there. Photo measures 8.5 x 6.75 inches. Photo is dated 9-30-1943.”




5 Comments on “1943 Photo of Attu Island Signs & Jeep on eBay

  1. Dan B.

    Thanks for posting this. Our grandpa served in WWII. His group trained for and was equipped to fight in North Africa. They set sail from Fort Mason in San Francisco only to get re-routed to… Attu.

    He had deep respect for the harsh terrain (he had stories about vehicles breaking through the tundra to the muddy ash below) and weather of Attu as well as their Japanese opponents and their dedication. He didn’t talk much about it until the last few years of his life, but made it clear he never wanted to be cold again. After Attu, his group went to the European theater where he got “close enough to Berlin to see the church steeples there.”

    It’s a largely overlooked part of WWII, but there are some great books on the Battle of Attu.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Gayland Leddy

    My Home Battalion, NMCB 22 was sent to Sitka and Attu in WW2. Those men were MEN! I have been through some rough times and in Rough places, but the Service men in WW2 were truly the greatest generation!

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