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1948-1949 Willys-Overland Deluxe Tool Kit

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Anyone have photos of an actual 1948-1949 Deluxe Tool Kit? Or, if you have a 1948/1949 Jeepster manual, a pic of the front of the kit may be in there, too (according to this post). If you have either, please email me a pic of the front to d @ Thanks!

Claus is hoping to reproduce a leather kit version of this vinyl plastic tool holder and needs to see the inscription on the front of it. Here’s the back side (from the 1949 Willys Accessories Book):



One comment on “1948-1949 Willys-Overland Deluxe Tool Kit

  1. doug

    For a “deluxe” kit, that’s pretty basic. It should have some ignition point wrenches,and a feeler gage at least.

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