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1949 Newgren Parts Price List

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You never know when something obscure as this price list from February of 1949 will come in handy for someone. It’s a detailed look at the parts at the dealer pricing.

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newgren-1949-02-03-price-list5-lores newgren-1949-02-03-price-list6-lores newgren-1949-02-03-price-list7-lores newgren-1949-02-03-price-list8-lores



2 Comments on “1949 Newgren Parts Price List

  1. Barry

    Several things of interest here. First this may be one of the last publications issued by Newgren, They have moved operations to Butler, home of Bantam and I believe the Bantam shareholders lawsuits against Monroe may have already begun. Newgren would stop operating as a company soon.

    Second, it almost serves as a parts list. I’ve never seen a Newgren Soil Krusher, but it seems to have a seat!

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