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Newgren Field & Pasture Cultivator Brochure

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This Newgren field and pasture cultivator brochure is form N-168. It is the last of this series of color Newgren brochures that came with the jeep equipment book.

newgren-from-N-168-field-and-pasture-cultivator1-lores newgren-from-N-168-field-and-pasture-cultivator2-lores


2 Comments on “Newgren Field & Pasture Cultivator Brochure

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I looked up the Newgren Soil Krusher. It only appears on the 10-1-49 Second Supplement page under Pulverizer (a category that didn’t appear in earlier Jeep Equipment indexes). However, though it turns out that the book I bought has TWO 1949 Second Supplements with identical brochures and index pages, I do not have the Soil Krusher brochure.

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