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1960 CJ-5 Fayette, MO $6995


Historically accurate? There are too many inaccuracies for that to be a valid statement.

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“NOTICE: I have reduced the price of this Historically accurate Show Jeep by over $500–Come and check it out!

This is a really nice 1960 civilian version (CJ5) Willys Jeep which is almost identical in every respect to the actual Historical Army (M38A1) Jeep. I have shown this vehicle at car shows and used it to pull floats in Veteran’s Day parades. It is exceptionally clean and starts and runs good. As a historical vehicle I do not need to have it inspected and it only costs me $35 per year for insurance.

I was trained in the military as a “light vehicle driver” and was the “Colonel’s designated driver” for many summer camps back in the early to mid 1970’s (Viet Nam era). I drove a military Jeep very similar to this and have many fond memories of that time as I suspect many others do as well.

The Jeep has many new parts including most recently new shocks and is exceptionally clean as I hope the ad shows.

I believe I have it priced very reasonably but am willing to entertain a “reasonable offer” for this really nice show vehicle. The main reason I am selling it is frankly because of my age (73) and I seldom use it anymore.

If you are seriously interested, give me a call and or contact me via my e-mail address and I can give you more specifics and probably answer any questions you may have.”


2 Comments on “1960 CJ-5 Fayette, MO $6995

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Occasionally, CJ-5s were used in the military (and usually data-plated as such). In this case, I can see no reason to believe that is the case. So, either the seller doesn’t know it isn’t military (it happens) or thinks they will get a better price if marketed as military. Back circa 2010 there was a guy who painted civilian jeeps olive drab because he got more money for them, though he explicitly indicated that they weren’t military.

    – Dave

    – Dave

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