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1945 MB Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $19,000.

Seller has the history on this MB.

1945-mb-phoenix-az1 1945-mb-phoenix-az2 1945-mb-phoenix-az3

“JEEP Willys MB built in May 1945. All original metal tub NEVER left frame until frame off restoration in 2006. Bought from military in early 70’s in California. Have history to today. Most of its life was spent in Arizona. A lot of time it was in storage at Deer Valley Airport. Restored to “fresh to the service without going to war” condition in 2006. Front bumper still has original rivet brackets and tag. Fresh repaint 2019. This jeep WAS NEVER an off road toy. Most all parts are original or nos. NOTHING modern added period. It has all the appropriate MAY 45 extras, original 6 volt system. 5 nos combat wheels w/ correct tires. Lots of small items like books, storage box, removable license plate bracket
Additional accessories include-
– Correct canvas top by Beechwood Canvas with all the extras
– Original U.S. WWII full Size Infantry Axe and Shovel.
– Original U.S. 1940’s Era brass fire extinguisher mounted driver side.
– Original U.S. WWII dated gas can
– Original stealth kit Canvas Windshield and headlight Covers
– Original Pair (Left and Right) of Door Curtains
– Multi-use rifle rack on inside of windshield.
– Original U.S. WWII Tool bag with Tools. Including jack
– Original U.S. WWII First Aid Kit. Empty.
– Original U.S. WWII Oil Can/grease gun under hood.
-Vinyl cover”


8 Comments on “1945 MB Phoenix, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Joey G.

    Is this a fair price for this Jeep?
    Looks in good shape with several extras.
    Unusual to know the Jeep’s actual history.
    I believe that adds real value.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I would agree that a documented history of the jeep adds value. The pics suggest this was nicely restored, but I could not say if this was a fair value based on these pics (more needed). I just can’t see enough of the jeep.

    I’m seeing MBs & GPWs like this being listed for between $15k and $25k. What they are actually selling for I couldn’t say. So, the best I can do is say that this MB has been listed at a price point similar to others I’ve seen in a similar condition (if the pics are accurate).

  3. Jesse Coombs

    Dave, I am very interested in a jeep like this. Please contact me if you see something similar. Thank you!

  4. James Kaiser

    Latest post is Sep 29th;
    so is this Jeep available?
    If so-I am very interested in purchasing this Jeep.
    One question: Of the frame, tube, engine and data plate- Are there matching serial numbers?

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