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July 1945 Press Release Photo #2

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This photo, marked as photo #2, shows a prototype CJ-2 at New Hudson. The jeep has a crated pig in the cargo area. The caption discuses the 4-in-1 nature of the jeep and lists different ways the jeep was expected to be utilized.




4 Comments on “July 1945 Press Release Photo #2

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Joe: Well, that was dumb of me. Indeed it is. I saw column shift and thought VEC. Corrected now. Thanks!

    Mike: I am not familiar with the CJ-2 gas tanks, but that certainly doesn’t look like a smart arrangement. Reminds me of the pinto and it’s filler hose that traveled over the exhaust (and would pop loose when rear-ended).

  2. Bill Norris

    Somewhere in my notes I have the names of the men in the photo. That’s a hog in the crate that just came from the pig farm which was on the main Cesor farm.


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