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July 1945 Press Release Photo #6

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Photo #6 from the July 1945 Willys-Overland press kit is this iconic photo of a CJ-2 pulling a trailer full of hay.

1945-07-willys-overland-press-kit-photo6-lores 1945-07-willys-overland-press-kit-photo6-caption-lores


5 Comments on “July 1945 Press Release Photo #6

  1. Denny Napier

    It’s interesting that the war in the Pacific Theater was still going on when this photo was released. I wonder when Willys actually started marketing the Jeep for civilian use?

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I would say that the release of the July 19 Press event at the Sorenson farm coupled with the release of the July 21 Press Kit marked the first full-press announcement of the CJ-2A. But, Willys-Overland had been using ads to prep the public for the civilian jeep for months. As early as January 06, 1945, in the Saturday Evening Post, an ad titled “JEEP-PLANNING!” explained to the public that the jeep could pull a plow.

    That ad was followed by (Feb 03) “From Fighter to Farm Hand” and then (March 03) Jeepotentialities”.

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author


    As I understand it, the CJ-2 was the Agrijeep.

    The earliest test jeeps were special MBs and GPWs:

    The next series of jeeps were the CJ-2 Agrijeeps, some of which were marked on the bumpers with X##, such as X61 ( These were equipped with the PTO bars, PTOs, top bow holders, and other updates from the MB/GPW.

    Then came the CJ-2As.

    If I’m somehow incorrect, please let me know.


    – Dave

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