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Quick Trip to MN

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UPDATE (late Monday night): Well, it being 2020, this plan went awry. A few hours before we were going to leave, Ann’s mother had a breathing episode (she has COPD), so Ann couldn’t join me. That means I’m doing a solo trip with our 10-month old puppy and returning with a second puppy. 

We’ve decided to get a full sister for our newest pup, as we don’t think our older dog will be around much longer (he’s got a bad heart). So, we’ll be on the road the next few days to Minnesota and back. Updates will continue, but I likely won’t be very responsive to email. We don’t plan on any reader stops or fun explorations, so I expect there will be little to report. Our goal is to beat the coming cold weather, avoid the virus, and return quickly so that Ann’s mother isn’t by herself for too long (we’ve lined up support for her while gone).



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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Doug … indeed, am driving. Minneapolis just got snow and the northern return routes are expecting snow, so looks like I’ll need to take I70 back (Denver is supposed to get snow on Sunday), then head north.

    The pup isn’t so sure about the adventure, but she’s hanging in there.

    The internet is crawling here, so the updates will be brief for Wed.

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