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Nov. 1941 Photo of Ford GP on eBay

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A Ford GP captured in action.

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“1941 Press Photo soldiers drive a jeep thru rough terrain pulling anti-tank gun This is an original press photo. This unit was organized by the 2nd Corps as a weapon of opportunity to combat hostile mechanized threats at any part of the front where the enemy might break through, and is also used against paratroops (parachute troops) or any unexpected threat. The unit is 100% motorized, consisting of three 37 mm batteries, one 75mm battery, one Infantry Battalion, one Engineer Platoon, one Anti-tank Platoon, all equipped with radio communication. Photo shows a jeep crossing rough terrain pulling 37 mm anti-tank gun. Battery D, 44th Division Anti-Tank, Second Corps. (Commanded by Major H.R. Johnson, Wadesboro, N.C. Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 11-03-1941.”




2 Comments on “Nov. 1941 Photo of Ford GP on eBay

  1. Mark S.

    Interesting that someone has underlined and put a check mark on the word jeep. Of course there is no way of knowing when it was done, but was probably researching the origin of the jeep name. I don’t remember if the term “Jeep” had been widely accepted by 11/3/41.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    The term jeep was applied to the prototypes as early as November of 1940. In Feb/Mar of 1941 it began to be used more frequently.

    As for the underline, I agree; it could have been done at anytime. It could even be an addition to reproduced press photos to give them a more realistic look (which is why I try to document multiple instances of press photos that I see on eBay so we can monitor if photos are being reprinted, but presented as original).

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