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1952 M-38 Flagler Beach, FL **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $14,500.

Looks nicely restored.

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“This is an Exclnt condtn Korean Era Army Jeep Fully restored. I have had it insured since day one. Ive owned this jeep for about 3 years, and I have lots of paper work on it. In have a Tag on it, a License Plate, its a Antique tag, very low cost. It been restored from the ground up, has military tires, in like new condtn. Mostly original Parts, original windshield , I took it out for a spin a few days ago, put air in the tires, first time in over a year. I have and continue to start this jeep every 6 day. A month ago I took it out for a 40 miles country drive, such fun, lots of honks, heads turning.

These jeeps weren’t designed to go 60 MPH, 30 was more like it, I usually cruise at 40 MPH, I have gone 50. You could drive this every day if you chose to. I generally only take it out for parades, Like Veterans day, 4th of July etc. Both the headlights work, I replaced one, it cost me about 115.00 $. There is a tail lite out. It has no turn signals, never did, you use your arms to signal. It has no seat Belts, wasn’t required. I do have a brand new canvas top for it, Ive never used it. I also have the fellas address and phone number of the guy who rebuilt it.. Hes lives in Crown Point Indiana. I have a owners Manual. I have a unused Brand New canvas top.

I have the clear title. There is a gauge not working, might be the volts ? I have shipping instructions, and lots and lots of paperwork on it. I put on the rearview mirror. I paid 15,200.00 for this Jeep. This is the best restored Jeep Ive ever seen. I have a bunch of accessories, if you’d like to buy them total additional cost would be 350$. I have a cameo Steel pot Helmet with the liner, Fatigue jacket, wooden ammo box with rope handles, Web Belt, with a first aid pouch, Ammo Bandollers, a round mag SubMachine Gun, replica, that gun alone cost me almost 300, you would think its real, The headlines work as well as the odometer,

The windshield wipers which ive never used are hand operated, Starts every time, easy to start, It has a choke, there is a Best way to start it, its easy once you know, and like I say, I start it every 6 days. The hand break works. 3 speed gearbox, All gears work as normal, It has a starter button, no key. Its 2 or 4 wheel drive. 24 Volt, has 2 Exclnt condtn Battries. Please just don’t call, If I don’t know the # I won’t answer, too many Robo Calls,


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  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Doug, it looks like the Craigslist ad expired and I have no other contact info for the seller. I’ve updated the post. I expect this will be relisted on Craigslist, so I’ll send you an email if that happens.

    – Dave

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