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Year? Austin Champ Cotati, CA $1200

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Not a whole lot of value here. Might be worth it for a parts vehicle for another Champ.

“50’s British jeep they were made from 1951-1956 It has been sitting for years I do not know if it will run it is a full project. Sold as is $1200”


Austin-champs-cotati-ca4 Austin-champs-cotati-ca3 Austin-champs-cotati-ca2


2 Comments on “Year? Austin Champ Cotati, CA $1200

  1. Joe in Mesa

    This is so cool and looks promising (to me). Of course I know NOTHING about these, but it’s an amazing project at a tempting price. I’m surprised it hasn’t sold already.

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Well, that’s what I thought when I saved three from being junked back around 2009. I was told by the Austin Champ guys that the three Champs would be very valuable for the parts, but that turned out to be incorrect. Moreover, trying to get parts for these is expensive as they come from Britain. Worse, these things are HEAVY, much heavier than jeeps. I was lucky to breakeven on mine.

    – Dave

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