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1960 M-38A1 NEKAF? Lubbock, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $7000.

This M-38A1 is claimed to be a NEKAF. It has some of the features (such as the strap across the battery box), but lacks others such as the turn signals that were unique to the NEKAF. Maybe the jeep includes more information about its origins. There have been several NEKAFs that appeared in US, such as these three in Texas listed back in 2013.

“1960 m38a1 Nekaf. This jeep runs great. Has all original 24 volt system. Newly rebuilt carb distributer and new clutch. Has Antique plates and is registered. Lots of fun and turns lots of heads.”

1960-m38a1-nekaf-lubbock-tx1 1960-m38a1-nekaf-lubbock-tx2 1960-m38a1-nekaf-lubbock-tx3 1960-m38a1-nekaf-lubbock-tx4 1960-m38a1-nekaf-lubbock-tx5


One comment on “1960 M-38A1 NEKAF? Lubbock, TX **SOLD**

  1. Mike Truman

    There’s one listed on WillysforSale. But I know nothing about them so don’t know if authentic

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