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Any Seattle Area Stratton Hydraulic Lifts?


Anyone in the Seattle area have a Stratton Hydraulic Lift? A man named Ernie lives in the Seattle area (don’t know where just yet) and it was his family’s Cleveland, Ohio, machine shop that built the Stratton Lifts. We are hoping that if he sees one in person that it will jog his memory for some stories about them.

Email Barry Thomas at or me at if you know of anyone.

You can read more about Ernie and his Machine shop here:

The machine shop is still in business and, if there is enough interest, they may even be willing to manufacture some parts.


2 Comments on “Any Seattle Area Stratton Hydraulic Lifts?

  1. Mike Farren

    I have a Stratton lift. I don’t know if it helps, but I live in Medina county. I looked and E&K Products is 45 minutes from me. The lift was on my 63 cj5, is off the Jeep wright now. If they would need to look at it, or take measurements.

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