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CJ-2A Rock Springs, WY (and elsewhere) $3600 … Scam!

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UPDATE: Definitely a scam. This jeep ad has been spotted in several locations now. A reader named Sam took the plunge and emailed the seller. After several rounds of emails, Sam concluded there was no jeep.

Possible scam as the price seems too good. Seller mentions nothing about the jeep.

“Seller info (type it by hand) thank you!”



8 Comments on “CJ-2A Rock Springs, WY (and elsewhere) $3600 … Scam!

  1. Blaine

    I think I’ve seen that email addy for other vehicles. NEVER use the email listed like that in the context of an CL ad.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. A reader took the time to investigate and quickly concluded it was a scam. I’ve updated the post.

  3. JW

    I’ve seen a mess of TJ’s priced way too good to be real on the FB marketplace lately. So low they are obviously scams. No sure who the intended targets are with the stupid low prices. Seems the dirty scammers are trying to prey on Jeep people, and hopefully doing a terrible job of it.

  4. Clem

    I wonder if it is the same people I communicated with last year, paying with eBay gift cards ? Remember I think it was a red CJ-5, ad’s all over the map.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I just spotted two additional ads in Texas, but with different pics. I flagged them.

    Scammers understand it’s a numbers game. Just have to reach out enough times and someone naive will bite. My mother lost $27k to scammers at this time last year with this scam (Had she asked me before responding to the scam I could have saved her the money; the scam was easily debunked.)

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