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Brief IKA History Including the Torino

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IKA factory in Argentina

Hugo shared a link to a brief history of IKA, the licensed builder of jeeps in Argentina. Hugo noted that the last vehicle shown, the Torino, was a popular car that was based on the American Rambler, but was powered by a Tornado engine.

Spanish link

English translation link


IKA Torino


5 Comments on “Brief IKA History Including the Torino

  1. JohnfromSC

    Didn’t know about the IKA Torino. Thanks! Attractive looking car with a hint of Alfa Romeo style elements.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Interesting that the photo shows 4 different models on the line: Wagon, panel, Gladiator and CJish. And even the CJs are different as one has a ventilating window. Positioning of the steering wheel on the near CJ is interesting and also is a column shift.

  3. Mike

    The IKA F/B page has a lot of pictures on variations of Willys Jeep vehicles. I’ve been following the IKA page for while now, I’m surprised at the many body types that were available. Many of these body styles would have been popular in the states. Why Willys USA failed to see the potential is a mystery, seems like a big segment of the USA market was over looked.

  4. Hugo

    Ika took the Rambler American to compete with similar Ford Falcon and Chevi II. Italian designer Pininfarina put the european touch as JohnfromSC observed.

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