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Iron City Garage, Pittsburgh, PA

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UPDATE: Price for the truck dropped to $7500.

Bill sent a link for Iron City Garage, a unique used vehicle business that both sells vehicles, with a guarantee that the title is good, and rents them for photo shoots and other events.

The business’ goal is to take some of the risk out of purchasing a used project. The owner writes in the about section of the website, “Believe me, “winning” the bid on eBay is just the beginning. Out of the 10 vehicles I’ve bought online myself, 9 have turned out to be completely misrepresented. When we offer a vehicle for sale it is ready to be delivered and pushed into your work shop because we have eliminated any of the risks involved with electronic payments, titling and shipping.”

Iron City currently has a 1950 truck for sale $7500:



One comment on “Iron City Garage, Pittsburgh, PA

  1. Larry Moore

    I have a 1960 F800 Ford 4WD with auxiliary , the truck was running when parked 15 or so years ago. It came with factory air brakes. I used to have the Marmon Herron owners manual. Not sure if I still have it. Everything worked when parked. It has been at a friends house and I have not seen it since I drove it over to his shop. I would take $2000 for it. If interested I can get photos
    Larry Moore

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