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1963 DJ-3A Surrey Costa Mesa, CA $24,999

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UPDATE: Back up for sale.

(02/04/2020) Lots of potential here. No indication as to whether it has the top or not.

“’63 Willys Surrey Gala Jeep – DJ-3A – Very Rare – 1963
Runs Great – Very Low Mileage – Original Owner”

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29 Comments on “1963 DJ-3A Surrey Costa Mesa, CA $24,999

  1. Jim Johnson

    I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, but the license plate frame indicates my city Riverside and the old property of the former dealership that we moved our Jeep dealership into in 1974. Hall Motors was a Chrylser/Dodge/DeSoto/Willys and later Renault franchise.
    The property consisted of surplus WWII building and the shop was the chapel/theater building of Camp Anza.
    The structure still stands today and is being used as a body shop.
    Hall Motors erected a huge lighted sign that ran the full length of the rooftop and could be seen for miles.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Jim. I don’t know about the rest of readers, but sometimes my memory isn’t all that good (perhaps worse than just sometimes), so I appreciate the historical reminder! I’ll correct the ‘Anza’.

    – Dave

  3. Jim Johnson

    PW Hall had a Ford and ? dealership in Corona Ca. (Close to Riverside)
    He would bring the Jeeps to his Riverside location (Hall Motors)and sell them in Riverside.
    The Willys dealer in Riverside at that time, Don Bacon, found out about this and put the squash on Hall selling Jeeps in Riverside.
    We bought the Jeep franchise from Bacon in 1965. We later moved to the Hall property in 1974.

  4. SteveK

    Using the rubber E-brake line as a reference point on the firewall as shown, I believe it to be more of “special codes ID”. The original DJ3A “Willys” serial number ID plate and patents associated, would originally be located on the panel area above the tub mount support further to the passenger side under the drain lip seam of the cowl and firewall, and all I have noticed seem to be fastened with 4 phillips head screws like can be seen here…

  5. David Eilers Post author

    I do wish there were some better pics of this; it would help with identification.

  6. Colin Peabody

    Look on the passenger side frame rail, the 5 digits of the serial number should br stamped on the top of the rail just behind the rear support for the battery box and just in front of the body mount. I have vever seen the word Surrey on one of the tags, but it sure could have happened. The D2395 number would be a special order number assigned by Willys, probably for a series of Surreys for a rental agency. I need to check my photos on Bruce Agans Surrey, as i think it had a similar number.

  7. Colin Peabody

    As i think about it, the tags showing on the firewall now were usually glued to the passenger side wheel well, right behind the passenger seat. They came off without much trouble, so these may have been reattached to the firewall with screws where the original tag would have been. The 148 number is the paint code for a pink/pink Surrey.
    Neat history so far. If we can get the seller to look on the frame rail, we will
    Learn more about it as far as year of manufacture.

  8. Barney Goodwin

    Did anyone get any replies to inquiries? Part of the problem of the anonymity of venues like Craigslist and FB market. Better to pay for an ad on a dedicated forum, or a non-auction ad on ebay, unless of course you want to auction it. Hear anything, Jim?

  9. Mike

    The obvious point of reference here is the ridiculously high price, if there is a lack of inquires, that is why. I think the “SURREY MADNESS” has past, buyers have moved on to the next big thing.

  10. Jim Johnson

    I’ve had contact with the seller and have talked history of this Surrey. I have also discussed history of the dealership where it came from. Seller is convinced and pretty firm on history and origin. Seller maintains that the words “Hall Motors” are stamped into the w/s frame. I’ve asked to review any and all paperwork and or documentation. I’ve called and spoken to him on the phone. So far, I’ve heard nothing back from him..He is listing this for a family member and doesn’t have direct access.
    I’ve suggested a more realistic price frame. Time will tell.

  11. Jim Johnson

    The rest of the story is this from my perspective. The gentleman who owned and operated the body shop at Hall Motors passed away last year. He could have answered questions about the Hall family and this Surrey. He would have known whether this was indeed a dealership courtesy vehicle, sat in the showroom for display, and/or was driven by the family. Of course, the original Hall family members have since passed a long time ago. I was attempting to connect current owners/sellers to the Hall family and can state that they in fact are not. So this would actually be a two owner Surrey in my opinion.

  12. Jim Johnson

    I also commented to this owner that our 61 Surrey, which had been restored, minus top and bows, had sold for around 10k; and that buyer relocated it to Florida and flipped it for somewhere around 14k. That listing is still here in the data base under Surrey.

  13. Bill Norris

    That DJ3A Surrey tag is interesting. Its been along time ago, but I believe I’ve seen one of those before or something similar on one of Louis Larson’s Jeeps he brought to a Willys Reunion.


  14. Charles W Pickelsimer III

    I am helping a friend that just acquired a 1960/61 Surrey
    VIN/Serial #C5633718185 through an Estate. It is in Palm Beach,Fl.
    Does it show up at all in you data base. At one time was sold by Ragtops Motors
    West Palm Beach,FL Were are trying to run down information and pricing ideas I would
    say Good to Good Plus condition,25,556 miles showing.

  15. Colin Peabody

    Hi Charles Pickelsimer,
    The Surrey you provided the serial number for was not in our database, but I have begun an entry for it. The actual serial number is 56337(Model number) followed by the sequential production number 18185. I do have a pink Surrey 20 numbers off and another one 23 numbers off, both being on either side of #18185.
    If you would care to share the new owner information And possible history info with us for the data base, and some photos, that would be great. No private information will be released without prior permission.
    My contact info is:

    Colin Peabody 1960 DJ3A Surrey 56337 19170

    602-810-1495 and email: colins60vette@

  16. Jim Lee

    I am looking for information on Surrey Tops, I have one that is as far as I know original. I found it 25 years ago and have kept it in my garage all that time. It runs and drives fine. If you can Help I would be grateful. I can be contacted at


  17. Bill Norris

    Did anyone ever find out the serial number on this one. I believe it was one of the original Tonka Surreys. I have been working with Bill Preston on an article about them. He originally restored one of them and confirmed the other one is owned by Louis Larson, which has that tag. The other give away is the u-bolt on the hood that was used to mount a Tonka Surrey for display.

  18. Bill Norris


    Not sure if I’m blind or what, but how do you get to the ad itself? Not seeing a link. I’d really like to know the serial number.


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