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1964-65 FC-170 Fire(?) Jeep at New York City World’s Fair

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Mark shared a link to this great photo of a Fire or Special Utility FC-170 working at the New York City World’s Fair in 1964-1965. The photo can be found here.



6 Comments on “1964-65 FC-170 Fire(?) Jeep at New York City World’s Fair

  1. mike

    As a child back in 1965, I remember being excited at seeing these FC 170 fire trucks at the Worlds Fair. Also, there was a fleet of FC 170’s used for ground maintenance, including one with a vacuum sweeper body.

  2. Mike

    P/S to my previous commentary, If you ever had the opportunity to visit the NY Worlds Fair in that era, you will remember the demonstration of the man with the jet pack on his back, he would take off and fly through the air for less than a minute, anticipation grew to see this demonstration held once an hour on the hour.
    Stationed on the side lines was a FC 170 fire truck, just in case, they wanted to play it safe. After every performance, the firemen would hose down the area using the FC 170.

  3. rdjeep

    I was there as a young lad, and have a few snippets of memory of certain places, but not of any FCs. Would not have known what they were back then!

  4. Ed O'Connell

    There were three of these built in 1963 specifically for the needs of the World’s Fair by H&H Body Co of Jersey City NJ on 1962 FC-170s. Each had a rear-mounted 500 GPM pump and a 250 gallon water tank. They were disposed of by the World’s Fair Corporation after the fair closed.

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