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1953 Metamet Parts Catalog

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This rare Metamet catalog came from the UK via eBay. I had hoped there would be information and pics in side about the twelve different style of jeeps sold by Metamet, but this truly only covers the parts. The best part of this might be the back page, which lists the different jeeps. The catalog also has some well-done diagrams.

This is the cover:


This is the back cover, which is slightly longer than the rest of the catalog. On the left is a list of the Metamet jeeps:


Here’s the inside of the front cover, followed by the pages in order:

1953-metamet-brochure-00-inside-cover-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-01-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-02-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-03-lores

1953-metamet-brochure-04-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-05-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-06-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-07-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-08-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-09-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-10-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-11-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-12-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-13-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-14-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-15-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-16-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-17-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-18-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-19-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-20-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-21-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-22-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-23-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-24-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-25-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-26-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-27-lores 1953-metamet-brochure-28-lores

Inside of the back cover:



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