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FC-170 Smoke Ejector Photos

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Roger shared this color photo of a Chicago Fire Department FC-170 designed to eject smoke. It was posted to this Fire Engine Facebook group. This appears to be engine #1.chicago-fc-color-photo-smoke-ejector

A similar black and white photo was printed in the February 1969 issue of Popular Science. This appears to be engine #2.



4 Comments on “FC-170 Smoke Ejector Photos

  1. Galen

    Cool vehicle, but if you’re pulling that kind of smoke volume from a building, wouldn’t it just help feed fresh air to the fire? Firefighters, help me understand this.

  2. Joseph Angelino

    From a FF training manual, the paragraph is titled Ventilation; Ventilation is a part of structural firefighting tactics, and involves the expulsion of heat and smoke from a burning building, permitting the firefighters to more easily and safely find trapped individuals and attack the fire. If a large fire is not properly ventilated, not only will it be much harder to fight, but it could also build up enough poorly burned smoke to create a smoke explosion or enough heat to create a flashover.

  3. rdjeep

    There are different types of ventilation during a firefighting operation to achieve different goals. The FC equipment would be used to clear a smokey building, AFTER the fire is extinguished. Otherwise, as Galen pointed out, you would spread the fire rapidly if used prematurely.

    (In case you’re still curious, the second entry by Joseph denotes ventilation to permit interior firefighting activity to commence. Getting rid of smoke and high heat is critical to the responders. This ventilation mode is achieved through natural, unpowered means, i.e. convection. Common to break out/open windows, or cut out sections of the roof.)

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks guys. I didn’t know that I didn’t know those details. But, that all makes sense! 🙂

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