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2004 “Corveep” Build

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Here’s a unique build that married a wrecked 2004 Corvette with a free 1968 Jeepster Commando. The builder calls it a “Corveep”. There’s a series of pics that document some of the challenges involved in marrying the two vehicles, including lengthening the Commando body.



5 Comments on “2004 “Corveep” Build

  1. Raymond Robins

    There seems to be several Willys builds out there that are sporting Corvette running gear. We built a 1952 wagon on 1997 C5. We named it the “Overvette”

  2. Joe in Mesa

    That’s soooo impressive! Pretty cool he took it to the Los Altos Corvette show and couldn’t get in until he produced a Corvette title … nice :-).

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Raymond, that’s interesting. S-10s are another popular platform. Maybe it’s the chassis design or the wheel base lengths? I know very little about the Corvette or the S-10 chassis.

  4. Raymond Robins

    It is the wheel base. 52 wagon is 104″ and C5 Corvette is 104.5″. I have also used a S-10 on a Jeepster. Had to take out 9″ in the center of frame.

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