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Marx Nellybelle Jeep with Pat, Dale and Bullet w/ Box on eBay

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I don’t know what this is worth, but they have some good pics of this rarely seen Nellybelle Marx jeep and box. The eBay seller is asking $750.

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“Marx NellyBelle Willys Jeep ( car Truck) with Pat, Dale and Bullet. This listing is for a really nice condition Willys NellyBelle Metal Jeep with the Original Box. Also included is Pat Brady, Dale Evans , Bullet the Dog and one Hammer.”








3 Comments on “Marx Nellybelle Jeep with Pat, Dale and Bullet w/ Box on eBay

  1. Mike

    Prices on Louis Marx vintage toys are out of sight and really out of mind for the average toy collector. I had been looking for a particular Louis Marx plastic toy I had as a child, a UPS step van, yes, (it is very unique and rare) back in the 50’s, my mother stepped on it, yes she actually stepped on it, I was shattered and so was the UPS step van.
    Recently, I found an original Marx step van for an outrageous $300.00, as much as I would like to own it. way out of my price range. I ended up buying two metal diecast reproductions for under $50.00, satisfied my need just the same. Lets see if the high priced Nellybelle sells.
    Just as a side note, I still have my Nellybelle from my Ideal Toys Roy Rogers
    Chuck Wagon set, I sold the chuck wagon years ago, but will always keep the Jeep.
    The truth of the matter is, Louis Marx Toys of that era, were considered “Low End” and frowned upon by many parents, but Louis Marx toys were appealing to children, he hit his marketing strategy, and yesterday’s children, are today’s old geezers and still value the genius of Louis Marx.

  2. Bob

    As much as I love Marx jeeps and have never seen one of these for sale I just could bring myself to pay that much. In ten years I don’t think it’ll be worth that at all. It is cool it has the box and such, but that is just too much!

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