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Valentine Welder & Mfg Co. Lightweight Jeep Prototype Photos

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Nick Oxander found and shared these photos on Facebook. It appears this lightweight prototype was manufactured by the Valentine Welder & Manufacturing Company; yet, this same vehicle has been credited in other places, such as Hemmings and on eWillys, as the KEL Kaiser extra-light jeep. Anyone have an insight into this conundrum?

valentine-lightweight-info1 valentine-lightweight-info2 valentine-lightweight-info3 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design04 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design05

valentine-lightweight-jeep-design06 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design07 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design08 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design09 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design10 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design11 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design12 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design13 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design14 valentine-lightweight-jeep-design15


6 Comments on “Valentine Welder & Mfg Co. Lightweight Jeep Prototype Photos

  1. Mark S.

    Very interesting, Bob’s Kaiser photo has same registration number as Nick’s. I tried to read the dash tags, but can’t quite make them out, maybe one of the computer guys could enhance enough to read them. I did see that the prototype had zero miles on it.

  2. Mark S.

    The Werner Museum prototype is slightly different. The display tag says that 37 were originally built. As Bob says, maybe Valentine was modifying or adding equipment to the prototype.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mark, I hadn’t noticed that … I thought the Werner one was slightly different as well (that’s one I’ve seen in person).

  4. Bob W

    Kaiser had several different prototypes. I just posted the photo with the registration number to show that the military considered that one a Kaiser vehicle.

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