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Christmas and New Year Jeep-O-Grams

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In 1942, the Amarillo Globe-News and the Amarillo Daily News published messages called Jeep-O-Grams in both the hometown newspapers and a special Holiday Greeting edition of the Globe News Jeep. They did it as a way for families to send their family members world-wide Christmas wishes (though they did charge 4 cents a word).

What is the Glove News Jeep? Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to track down an example. According to the Volume 20 (sometime in 1942) issue of Newsweek, “Employees of The Amarillo ( Texas ) Globe – News get up a weekly soldiers ‘ and sailors ‘ edition in their spare time called Amarillo Globe – News Jeep . Carrying no advertising , the eight pages are packed with pictures and stories of men in the military”. 

While acknowledging it was an imperfect system for sending greetings to soldiers, the Amarillo Daily newspaper noted that the cable systems were expected to be jammed with messages during December 1942. So, a Jeep-O-Gram in the holiday edition of the Globe News jeep was better than nothing.

I’ll start with the published page of Jeep-O-Grams and then work backwards. The messages in the N-Z image are easier to read. I can publish a link to a higher res version of A-N if anyone is interested.

The_Amarillo_Globe_Times_Mon__Nov_30__1942-1-lores The_Amarillo_Globe_Times_Mon__Nov_30__1942-2-lores

Here an early call for messages in the November 13th, 1942, in the Amarillo Daily News:


And another in the November 17th, 1942, in the Amarillo Daily News:

Clipping from Amarillo Daily News -

A few days later, on November 17, 1942, the Amarillo Globe-News newspaper published a a Jeep-O-Gram entry form:


Apparently the 1942 Jeep-O-Grams were a big hit, because Jeep-O-Grams were run again in 1943:


I didn’t pursue Jeep-O-Grams further than 1943, but I did note that an October 02, 1959, blurb in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin advertised a Jeep-O-Gram as some type of jeep newsletter:



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