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Walt Disney Driving a “Lefty” CJ-2A

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These photos popped up one Facebook recently, likely pulled from the Just A Car Guy blog. I believe these were originally from some kind of video of Disney driving, because I was able to find an animated gif on Pinterest of the same event. I could not locate the original video, but I’m sure it is digitized and out there on the net somewhere …


walt-disney-driving-cj2a2 walt-disney-driving-cj2a1 walt-disney-driving-cj2a3-lores


4 Comments on “Walt Disney Driving a “Lefty” CJ-2A

  1. Mark S.

    I can’t see the rear of the jeep, but it looks like those side rails are installed into the top pockets. I never thought of that easy method, requiring no modification to the jeep. I can’t figure out the function of those metal straps on the left rear wheel arch?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I was thinking that the rear of the two ‘straps’ was actually the wood piece against which the spare tire would rest. I’m not sure about the forward item though.

  3. Doug in Ohio

    The Ford truck in the second pick is a ’53 or later model.Mark, could the straps in the wheel arch be some way of holding the rear seat frames down???puzzling.

  4. colin peabody

    Just my thoughts, but the rearward “strap may have been to keep the lefty spare tire solid agains the body, but the Jeep looks like it was modified with padded seats on the rear wheel wells. The Ford truck maybe a 54-55 model and the water and piers along the water’s edge are similar to the “Mississippi” River section of Disneyland when it was under construction in 1954-55. Old Walt was probably out supervising the construction efforts of his playground. Bet he would roll over in his grave to see what has happened to his empire in recent years! My family and I went to Disneyland on its first anniversary in 1956. It was a fun place and several attractions were still being built.

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