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1957? Flattie Fountain Hills, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE **SOLD** Was $8995.

Colin has been able to supply additional info in the comments.

“1957 Willys Jeep with a rebuilt 3.8 ltr Buick motor and automatic transmission. This is a titled new build with no miles on it and will need some work to finish. Every part on this vehicle is brand new.”

1957-flattie-fountainhills-az1 1957-flattie-fountainhills-az3 1957-flattie-fountainhills-az2


11 Comments on “1957? Flattie Fountain Hills, AZ **SOLD**

  1. SteveK

    I’m confused why it is on the DJ3A page. How can “every part be new” if includes engine and tranny, body, and suspension parts, go for $8995. Either a good price, or “caveat emptor”? Front tire clearance is really close to the fender. Not much travel room there, but the whole thing looks good.

  2. colin peabody

    This is the DJ3A Jeep that our son Lee started and was unable to finish due to his cancer causing death. It does have a reproduction body on it, but the chassis is DJ3A. The guy we sold it to is now trying to double his money on it. All he did was add a set of fancy wheels and new tires. We advertised it several times on eWillys. the serial number is 56337 12838.

  3. SteveK

    Sorry Colin. If I had been able to see the tailgate and tail lights, and/or the gas tank I probably would have recognized it. He must have used adapters to go to 5 lug wheels, right? RIP Lee.

  4. Colin Peabody

    Looks like that’s what he did. He was going to get rid of the aluminum gas tank but it doesn’t show!

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Steve … I added this to the DJ-3A category because of the year.

    Colin … I didn’t recognize it with the new tires!

  6. SteveK

    On this laptop monitor, even the color looks different from what I have on my computer of Lee’s. The pics also excluded the side filler area from view, another give away. But, Colin has confirmed it is a Dj frame and suspension at minimum.

  7. Colin Peabody

    It still has the DJ front axle snd the original DJ REAR AXLE and the last 5 digits are stamped on the top of the passenger side frame rail. The original body and hardtop were in bad shape, so salvageable parts were removed and some used and some sold or were scrapped. The new body was a repop 3A and Lee filled in the gas filler opening as he used a spun aluminum street rod tank mounted in the rear of the tub by the tailgate. We had a 3A windshield and he chopped it 4 inches. Lots of custom touches on this little Jeep.

  8. colin peabody

    When we sold it in 2020, it did not run as the wiring had not been completed. It did have a 231 cubic inch Buick V6 and automatic transmission that had not been fired up. Can’t tell you what has been done to it since. I think it may have sold since this ad, but not sure.

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Colin. I updated my comment on it. I clearly forgot it was Lee’s (remembering so many jeeps is proving to be a challenge for me!!)

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