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1972 The Salzburg Connection Jeep Scene

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Screen shot from The Salzburg Connection.

Bill spotted a scene with a jeep in the 1972 movie The Salzburg Connection (it might appear other places, as I didn’t have a chance to watch it). You can see the jeep scene between 41:45 and 42:35. It looks to be an MB.

By the end of the scene, the driver is deliriously (Psychotically?) happy. Maybe he was just really happy to be driving a jeep?

Here’s a photo that was posted to the IMCDB site:




2 Comments on “1972 The Salzburg Connection Jeep Scene

  1. Bill O'Grady

    Re: Delerious/Psychotic scene. It could be either. He had just left his girlfriend, the morning after. Bill O’

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