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Philadelphia’s Road Patrol Service

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This article in the June 28, 1948, issue of Newsweek covers how the Keystone Automobile Club’s three jeeps were transformed into mobile video units for the 1948 Republican and Democratic Conventions that were being held in Philadelphia.

Six months earlier in January, the same jeeps had been setup with radios to help manage road patrol issues (multiple news articles mentioned this), so adding television service expanded, albeit temporarily, the capabilities of the jeeps.

1948-06-28-newsweek-mobile-tv2 1948-06-28-newsweek-mobile-tv

Last year we saw a different pic of one of the jeeps that is housed in Philadlephia’s free library:


One comment on “Philadelphia’s Road Patrol Service

  1. Mark S.

    Full floating rear axle, side exhaust, 3 pin strips on wheels, rear top pockets appear to be cut, interesting little piece added to hard top at right lower corner where body curves down at door opening.

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