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Unusual Exhaust Modification

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Jay just purchased a WWII jeep with this unusual exhaust modification. There are lots of guesses on Facebook about what it is or why it existed. Any thoughts?

(This is the only pic he currently has, as he is still awaiting delivery of the jeep.)



5 Comments on “Unusual Exhaust Modification

  1. Barney Goodwin

    Can’t see the FB posts, but probably out of a piece of equipment. Note the heat shield applied to the fender. What special equipment had this manifold is the question.

  2. SteveK

    Could they be using the exhaust for some kind of “hot air flow/pressure” for some device??? Sure seems like it would upset the “exhaust balance” of the engine. Some more infor from the new owner will be interesting to hear about.

  3. Barney Goodwin

    Upon enlargement of the picture, I think Jeff is right. You can see the welding where it was added. Also, I do not see any heat shielding on the fender.

  4. Steve

    if I can find the pic, I’ve see an mb with the muffler running left to right mounted in front of the grille

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