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Year? CJ-2A Mesa, AZ $1250

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This has a variety of updates. There might be value here if the engine spins.

‘I ended up purchasing this jeep from my Dads friend. I dont have all the details yet I will have more when I get them dug out of the jungle which is his yard. I am asking $1250 for the complete jeep Has the l head engine I also have hard top for sale that came off a 1960 CJ5. I also have a P.T.O winch for sale.”


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4 Comments on “Year? CJ-2A Mesa, AZ $1250

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Oooh: this is very tempting; I may look at it today… Maybe talk a friend into getting it if I can’t.
    Do you recognize that steering set-up, Dave? Is it an upgrade? …or should it be returned to original?
    I also noticed that radiator looks out of place/incorrect, but if it works – perhaps leave it. Not a fan of that 1950’s windscreen, however :-(.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t recognize that steering housing modification, but you’d definitely want to look at it more closely, as I’m not confident it is well done. But, a closer inspection may reveal more info.

  3. Jason Hartman

    Do you still have the PTO wench and is it a rear or front. I am looking for a rear. Would you consider shipping it as I am in Tennessee. I.would need all the parts as I presently do not have any. I really appreciate your time and response. Jason Hartman

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