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1945 Photo Dozer Pulling Jeeps in Luzon on eBay

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Note the jeep in the front. It looks like the front clip is sitting sideways. Maybe these were pulled because they didn’t work? Contrary to what the caption indicates, the water doesn’t look too deep for the jeeps.

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1945-01-31-the-evening-sun-baltimore-luzon-jeeps-pulled-by-dozer-pressphoto1 1945-01-31-the-evening-sun-baltimore-luzon-jeeps-pulled-by-dozer-pressphoto2

This photo appeared in the January 31, 1945, issue of the Evening Sun out of Baltimore, Maryland. It was accompanied by a jeep-train photo also.

1945-01-31-the-evening-sun-baltimore-luzon-jeeps-pulled-by-dozer-lores 1945-01-31-the-evening-sun-baltimore-luzon-jeep-train-photo-lores


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