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Wrecked Jeep Photos (2 With Wood Bodies)

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These photos appeared on Facebook, though some have made the rounds over the years. The pics that really caught my eye were the wooden test body pics. Kaiser Willys has some history and more pics on these wood-bodied test jeeps:



The remainder of the wrecked jeeps:


jeep-wreck15 jeep-wreck12 jeep-wreck16 jeep-wreck11jeep-wreck10

jeep-wreck1 jeep-wreck9 jeep-wreck8 jeep-wreck7 jeep-wreck6 jeep-wreck5 jeep-wreck4 jeep-wreck3 jeep-wreck2


One comment on “Wrecked Jeep Photos (2 With Wood Bodies)

  1. Joseph Angelino

    Photo number 10 shows the wrecked Jeep with Lieutenant General placard. Anyone know who this might have been?

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