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Photo of 4 Bantam BRC-60s

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Brian spotted this photo showing 4 Bantam BRC-60s rolling down a hill. This was posted to the Butlers Standard Eight Facebook Group. The text on the photo reads: “Bantam BRC 40s”  Four of the 70 prototypes produced between September 1940 and December 1940. Despite what the text indicates, we know those as Bantam BRC-60s, not 40s.



One comment on “Photo of 4 Bantam BRC-60s

  1. Donovan S Miller

    Dave, the names BRC 60 and 40 are misnomers and have no basis as far as my research and those who follow the Bantam jeeps closely can tell. The more correct way of referring to them is as 1940 Bantams and 1941 Bantams. While confusingly worded, I believe it to be more correct to refer to these as ’40 Bantams than BRC-60s

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