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Photos of Jeeps at Bauman’s Gas Station Toledo, Ohio on eBay

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A half-cab tow-equipped CJ-2A at Bauman’s Service Station appears in two different photos on eBay. Both pics show the #4 on the doors.

The last photo shows a CJ-3A with the #9 painted onto the side. “DORR & SECOR” was painted on all the Bauman vehicles.

  1. 1961 Photo of Bauman’s during the day:
    1961-02-photo-tow-fleet-baumans-cj2a-0 1961-02-photo-tow-fleet-baumans-cj2a-1 1961-02-photo-tow-fleet-baumans-cj2a-2
  2. This undated photo was taken at night:
    1961-02-photo-tow-fleet-baumans-cj2a-10 1961-02-photo-tow-fleet-baumans-cj2a-11 1961-02-photo-tow-fleet-baumans-cj2a-12
  3. Undated photo of CJ-3A at Bauman’s with Tow Package:

4. This fourth photo is a wider shot of the photo above:
cj3a-baumans-tow-jeep10 cj3a-baumans-tow-jeep11


4 Comments on “Photos of Jeeps at Bauman’s Gas Station Toledo, Ohio on eBay

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I like the shadow effect of the lettering on the #9 jeep. It sort of makes it look 3D.
    Dave, maybe you could call that one photographer at WA-5198 and ask if he still has any jeep pics for sale. 😋

  2. Mike

    The Crosley at the head of the line, looks like a panel delivery, but I don’t think it is, most likely, a wagon with a panel overlap. I don’t think Crosley made factory panel.

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