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1965 FJ-6(?) Chassis Andover, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $450.

Not sure how much value is here, but you don’t get to see an FJ chassis too often. I’m not sure if this is a FJ-6 or FJ-8.

“This is a 1965 Jeep fleet van chassis. Everything is there but the cab, wiring and the steering column (but the gear box is still there. The frame is in gorgeous shape, the motor is free but doesn’t run and the trans and front and rear ends are free. Its a automatic transmission and is 2wd. It was an old mail truck so it is set up for right handed steer. Great project machine. No title will write bill of sale”

1965-fj6-chassis-andover-oh0 1965-fj6-chassis-andover-oh1 1965-fj6-chassis-andover-oh2 1965-fj6-chassis-andover-oh3 1965-fj6-chassis-andover-oh4


10 Comments on “1965 FJ-6(?) Chassis Andover, OH **SOLD**

  1. David Eilers Post author


    I think that’s a good question. I am surprised at how similar they are. I figured that by 1965 Kaiser Jeep would have beefed up the FJ chassis, but it looks pretty similar. The biggest difference seems to be the outboarded rear springs. It also appears there’s an extra cross member in the back at the points where the rear shackles attach to the frame. It looks like the frame might be a little longer, too.

    – Dave

  2. David Eilers Post author


    It looks like the front springs are reversed and the shock mount set back farther. So, it can’t be example a CJ-6 frame, though maybe what you mean is that the frame length is the same?

    – Dave

  3. vernon

    dave — 101″ wheelbase same as older cj-6 — looks like the same frame with different attachments — like the forward control style outboard rear springs , wider axle – reversed shackles on the front springs — the way willys liked to save money on parts , i’m sure the basic frame is an early cj-6 101″ ..

  4. Vernon

    excuse me , i just thought of another angle – i have a 1970 jeepster commando , v-6 , t-14 , dana 20 , model 30 rear axle — i seem to remember the rear springs on commandos have that wide-track rear spring arrangement ? — the 1967 to 1971 jeepsters were based on the cj-6 101″ — then the 72 to 74 models were 104″ as were the 1972 on cj-6’s .. i’ve always wanted to put a cj-6 body on a commando frame .. the front springs on my 1970 commando were longer than the cj-6 springs , better ride ..

  5. Mike from Dayton

    Thanks David. I didn’t know if it was something major or what. I thought they would have to be similar.
    Also, is the CJ6 frame similar to the Jeepster/Commando frame starting in 1966?

  6. Heather

    I think I spot the gas tank that is in pretty good shape (minus some rust). Would it happen to be for sale?

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Heather,

    It looks like the vehicle has sold. I’ve updated the post. Unfortunately, I don’t have the contact info for the buyer or seller.

    – Dave

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