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Philippos Jeep Models

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UPDATE: Philippos has created some newer jeep models, this time building it based on a pic of a Ford GP that was modified into a crane. However, instead of a Ford GP, he made it a Bantam BRC-40. Here’s the original pic:


Here is the model (FB link):

ford-gp-4WS-crane-model0 ford-gp-4WS-crane-model1 ford-gp-4WS-crane-model2

ford-gp-4WS-crane-model3 ford-gp-4WS-crane-model4 ford-gp-4WS-crane-model5

He also just completed a DJ-3A Baggage Handler model. Except for some of the minor MB aspects (rims and grille), it’s really well done):


You can see more pics on Facebook


Originally Published May 25, 2019: A French reader and modeler named Frederic turned me onto a Greek modeler named Philippos Ioannou who has created a number of beautiful jeep models based on historic photos (he builds non-jeep models, too). You can see many of his models on Facebook or on his blog.

Here are a few of his works.

  1. Walliy Cohn “Jeep King” jeep-sedan:
    wall-cohn-jeep-model-philippos wally_cohn_jeep_king2
  2. Target Practice Jeep:
    target-practice-mb-philippos target-practice-mb-philippos-photo
  3. Welding Truck:cj2a-truck-philippos cj2a-truck-welding-philippos-photo
  4. Note the original photo at the base of the model:
  5. Looks like an efficient jeep/trailer set up.

  6. I didn’t see an original photo for this model, but still it’s a neat one:

4 Comments on “Philippos Jeep Models

  1. Mike

    Very detailed works of art, yet no details of what material used to make the models, Metal, Plastic ? So much of this interesting story is missed in not stating background information.
    Back in the early 1960’s as a teen, my uncle Joe would bring me offset tin (Aluminium) lithograph printing plates, and I would cut and shape them into model cars and trucks. I still remember a Willys wagon I made, and my Uncle Joe showing it off at Sunday dinner to my Grand dad.

  2. Tom in Paris

    Those remind me of the Headquake RC videos on Youtube. There are several jeep vehicles and build videos, using mostly plastic I think.

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