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1950 MC-38? Charlotte, NC $6500

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UPDATE: Still Available.

The seller of this believes this to be one of the six M-38 pilot vehicles, also known as MC-38s: …. However, after looking at the jeep, it has been modified to such an extent that even if it was one of the pilot models, there’s very little left of it. That said, I can see nothing that identifies it as an early model: 1) Serial number of MC 10149 is too late (serial number on data plates); 2) No full-floating axles (pilots had the WWII rear axles); 3) No battery box (battery box lid hinges were on the sides of the pilot vehicles); 4) wrong windshield setup  … the list goes on.

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1950-m38-charlotte-nc-6 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-7 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-8 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-9 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-10


4 Comments on “1950 MC-38? Charlotte, NC $6500

  1. Mike

    I’m always amazed at the “unique features” list that sellers use to justify the high prices. They seem to miss the point They are motivated by their greed, not the preservation of historical value.

  2. Will

    Interesting windshield modification. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cj5 windshield adapter to a flat fender.

  3. Mike

    Wheels & tires are much too big, affect the toe in toe out adjustment, just look at how the front tires “lean” outward. Some years back, a former friend did this with his 57 CJ5, told him bad move, wouldn’t listen, caused extensive wheel bearing wear, and almost lost a wheel when the axle began to pull out,

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