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1949 Jeepster Gray Court, SC $12,000

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I’m less confident in the price than the seller (a dealer) is, but the real reason I posted this was for that unusual spare tire cover.

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“You are looking at a 1949 Willys Jeepster Overland Convertible! Solid vehicle with manual transmission and a flat 4. Just got it running and it is getting a new top and a brake job! Give me a call so we can talk about how we can make my car yours. I feel that my price of $12,000 is very realistic for a collector car like this one with the potential that this vehicle has.”







4 Comments on “1949 Jeepster Gray Court, SC $12,000

  1. Mike

    The tire cover is very cool, old school look to it, most likely painted by hand. If I were to buy this Jeepster, and restore it, I’d leave the tire cover alone, maybe a coat of clear to preserve it. I think that’s what is missing in todays high priced restorations, they look too good, was never into that. My Jeeps, all my vehicles capture an era, not perfect, but have a look and feel of that moment in time. Somehow, this Jeepster has the LOOK BUT NOT THE PRICE.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Mike … I hear ya. The late 1960s and 1970s had to be the golden age of painted vehicles. People did such unique stuff, from paint schemes, to imagery, to creative names, etc. In fact, given today’s printing capabilities and wraps, you’d think folks would be doing more creative things. Instead, that culture has pretty much vanished from the jeep world.

  3. 663 vj-3

    her name is Conny , shes on my Jeepster continental kit .. that reminds me , i had to buy a replacement continental kit once , 1956 t-bird , my girlfriends car , was her fathers . the conny kit was missing and i found a company in kelowna ? british columbia , CONTINENTAL ENTERPRISES that sold continental kits . very expensive , 20 years ago , 2000 bucks ?? it was alright , i guess , i did a full restoration of the little bird — peacock blue ( turquoise ) colonial white porthole hardtop — turned out BEAUTIMOUS MAXIMOUS !! 312 t-bird v-8 , fordomatic , real nice , not a sports car though , just like a jeepster , more of a personal luxury car . i remember it didnt corner to well , too heavy – then she sold it , along with the 1956 CONTINENTAL MKII ( i restored ) that was also her fathers .. screw the t-bird , the MKII i wish i would have bought that from her , very , very valuable now and just a BEAUTIFUL CAR !! ( white , red leather interior ) ( hand made ) ( 10,000 dollars in 56 ) ( elvis had one ) ( neil young has one ) oh well …

  4. 663 vj-3

    excuse me , but that engine turned glove box door and radio is worth the price of admission .. also the original steering wheel and horn ring ..

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