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L-head with Custom Exhaust San Jose, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $225.

This may be aWWII engine. Most interesting is the custom exhaust. I wonder what carb intake setup was used.

“Willy’s Jeep engine, I think a 1942 to 1948 . Turns over , as is. Will remove from the chassis it’s bolted to. Local pick up only, can load with fork lift.”

lhead-sf-1 lhead-sf-2 lhead-sf-3


10 Comments on “L-head with Custom Exhaust San Jose, CA **SOLD**

  1. Craig/Vermont

    Might be WW2 head, but block is later..No oval motor number boss/pad on the block (top/front/passenger side, behind where the oil filter should be)…

  2. Mark S.

    Looks like an Americar engine or maybe a marine engine, very strange transmission. It looks like whole vehicle was some sort of homemade vehicle.

  3. Allan J. Knepper

    VERY interesting. It looks like the chassis was tubular construction like an early homemade sports car “special” that were popular especially on the West coast in the 1940’s thru mid 1960’s. Dual carb intake and exhaust header/collector would confirm some kind of early sports/road race car. Many of these were often fitted with a Devin fiberglass body made in many sizes by Bill Devin.

  4. Craig/Vermont

    I have a couple pre-war Americar engines..They also have the oval boss, that’s not on this motor…I don’t know about marine engines…

  5. Doug in Ohio

    Craig you are correct that there is no oval boss.but look at the timing cover it is a chain driven camshaft. I don’t know what it is.there are those with a lot more knowledge than me that could identify it.

  6. Hayden Baswell

    I need some thing closer. I;m like 6 hours away from that block in monterey. If any thing pops up email me

  7. Tom Hoosier

    Do you still have the L 134 go devil engine? I(f you do still have the engine will you be willing to help me ship it out to Colorado? I will pay all shipping and get the shipper to your house to pick the engine. Thank you for your time. Tom Hoosier

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