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3 CJ-2A Photos From Pretoria, South Africa

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Mario posted these photo on Facebook. After using Google image search, I determined they may have originated on the website OMNIA, a site that aggregates digital collections (a site I’ve never seen before … looks like a useful resource for me).

year-pretoria-southafrica-cj2a-1 year-pretoria-southafrica-cj2a-2 year-pretoria-southafrica-cj2a-3


5 Comments on “3 CJ-2A Photos From Pretoria, South Africa

  1. Claus

    Dave I recently uploaded the same to my fb group.
    Kingsley and Marais was one of two suppliers, the other being Stanley Motors. Stanley Motors was however also the importer and assembly plant for Willys and some other American brands. This was when south Africa was still the Union of South Africa.

  2. ggordon49

    There are some other really nice photos on that OMNIA website if you search “Jeep” in the top right corner.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Claus: Thanks for the additional info Claus. I was hoping you had some insights into the photos.

    Gordon: Agreed. I will be spending some time with that site.

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