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1960 DKW Munga Bremerton, WA $5000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/03/2021) Looks on the rough side. It’s being sold by a dealership.

“4×4 Rare Audi/Auto Union Jeep used by NATO peace keeping forces. Basically complete has some rocker rust but otherwise quite sound. Very rare and collectible parts available through multiple sources.”



3 Comments on “1960 DKW Munga Bremerton, WA $5000

  1. neal jung

    bwahahaha — good olde BREMERTON — i did my time there – naval housing in the 1950’s — all i can remember is rain , rain , rain , gray skies , rain — nice state park south of there , BELFAIR , at the head of the HOOD CANAL .. gross bivalves , GEODUKKS ?? GOOEYDUKS ?? in the sand there , people would eat them , i wouldnt — lots of willys there ..

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