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1946 ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon Brochure

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There’s no form number or date for this brochure, so my best guess is that this is was one of the earliest station wagon brochures.

Curiously, the illustration on the front appeared in a September 1946 Saturday Evening Post ad, but with several changes. The ad is more formal, while the brochure’s illustration is more informal. For example, the ‘Dad’ has a tie and no fishing pole,  while the ‘Mom’ has a different color of dress and purse. The wagon color is more purplish in the ad, while the wagon is red in the brochure.


And now for the brochure:


This is the back of the unfolded brochure:


When first opened, this page appears:


When completely opened, this three-panel view appears.


The is how the back looks unfolded:



2 Comments on “1946 ‘Jeep’ Station Wagon Brochure

  1. neal jung

    this wagon has no jeep station wagon emblems on hood — small hubcaps — that oh so rare 7th seat , optional — the early wagons has a real small script emblem on the glovebox door — engine turning on the instrument panel — dark colored inside door opening button — basketweave headliner — some had a hood pull lock on the instrument panel

  2. neal jung

    ps , the early wagons had the very desirable spicer u-joint type driveshaft , changed to ball and trunnion later — i like to retrofit the spicer driveshafts in jeepsters and other 2wd willys

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