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1962 Wagon Mission Viejo, CA $22,000

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Bill shared this Hemmings link to a story about this 1962 Willys wagon that’s for sale. The seller explains why new wood panel was installed.


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“1962 Willys, Utility Wagon, 4 wheel drive. Current odometer reads 47,691 (not likely original), suitable as a daily driver with original “Hurricane” 6 totally professionally rebuilt (46,467miles). Straight through rebuilt transfer case (46,636 miles) Unlike original is very quiet. and later model Jeep all synchro 5 speed adapted to give freeway speeds in 5th gear. Car will do 65 MPH at 2300 RPM, will go faster but why would you? Added Tachometer, column mounted shown in pictures, helps to know when to shift.

New front hubs, All guages work. Front seat shoulder mounted seat belts added in front. Springs have been re-arched to raise to original level. Interior is like new green vinyl with recently carpeted front seat area. Excellent paint inside and out, resides in sunny southern California and has no rust. Wood panels recently added to cover previous wood panel effort *.

Spar varnished inside and out. Panels are easily removed for refinishing, as on a boat s/b re-finished annually. Easy removal requires no skill. Just a phillips screw driver, a varnish brush and a can of spar gloss exterior varnish (Man-o’-War or equivalent). One day project, makes car look brand new. Lower door panel has colorful logo for “Alice’s Vineyard” both sides, part of the car’s history. I have included wood panels, matching the rest of the car to cover the logo, if preferred. 4 wheel drive and upper/lower case gearing all rebuilt and in excellent mechanical condition and little used. A very presentable and civilized Utility Wagon that has never been off road but has the credentials to go anywhere. Good tires, re-built brake system from drums to pedal, back to original, did not convert to power brakes or steering, but brakes will stop on a dime and it steers easily. When I bought this wagon it was running on 5 cylinders, had a piston slap, a transfer case that sounded like an air raid siren and a tranny with no synchros. Top speed was about 50. It had wood panel siding that couldn’t be repaired or removed. Now all mechanicals have been professionally rebuilt and the side panels look pristine. Now that I have it in near show condition, my wife’s health has become our primary focus, so the Willys needs a new home.

* previous wood panel siding was affixed with a mystery adhesive that defies removal. The wood had deteriorated to the point of no return, so logical choice was to cover the 1/8 inch Ash panelling with another 1/8 inch Ash panel. the result was excellent. I affixed the new panels with stainless steel screws for easy removal for refinishing. The remove or re-install each panel takes approx. 3 minutes. 3 panels/side and 2 on the rear. No experience necessary.”


2 Comments on “1962 Wagon Mission Viejo, CA $22,000

  1. Ralph Menke

    Hi There, I’m Ralph, from Fernley NV. You reference a “straight through transfer case”. Over the years I’ve owned 3 Willys’. They had transmission shifter, high range-low range shifter, and in/out shifter. Your cab photos show 2 shifters. 5 speed trans, and 1 other shifter. You’ve modified this jeep some, can you explain so an old codger can understand?
    You have a good looking jeep. I sold my last jeep, a ’61’ Wagon, in 1980. Bad decision. I have more questions. The doors and rear handles/locks, windshield wipers, heater, under seat storage, glove box, and the list will probably grow.
    So, if you haven’t sold it yet, lets chat a little.

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